Polymeric Geogrids


  • Functions of geogrids in ground structures

  • The increase

    of bearing capacity

  • The insurance

    of general stability

  • The reduction

    of differential settlements

  • The extension

    of service life


Upon construction of roads of different technical characteristics, including those on weak bases, one of the main tasks is to ensure necessary level of bearing capacity and durability.

The technologies of separating and reinforcing layers made of different geosynthetics are used to increase operating characteristics of the bases.

There are two types of geogrids ‘POLYSET’:
• PS ‘POLYSET’ is made of high-strength polyester threads saturated with protecting  ompositions
according to thread-sewing technology;
• GD ‘POLYSET’ is made of polypropylene by extrusion method.

Scope of application

Geogrids should be used according to design concepts upon construction, reconstruction and repair;
• Roads and structures located on them;
• Aerodromes
• Gas and oil supply lines;
• Railway banks;
• Areas of different purpose;
• Buildings, communications and structures;
• Temporary roads.


It is recommended to use polymeric geogrids as reinforcing members for ensuring stability of road structures

• Construction of embankments on weak bases (marsh lands, high humidity/semihumid grounds);
• Construction of temporary roads, approaches, service roadways to pipelines and other temporary communications;
• For woodland conservation of embankment slopes and adjacent slopes with the use of topsoil and grass sewing;
• In combination with other geosynthetic materials (volumetric plastic geogrids, nonwoven fabrics and other geosynthetic products);
• For reinforcement of road boarders.


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