MTS "EXTRAMAT" is manufactured from polypropelene or copolymer ethylene and propylene by method of extrusion. Geomat is rolled material and represents a three-dimensional chaotic structure with void ratio about 90%.

Scope of application

Geomats EXTRAMAT are used as reinforcing components at backslopes of engineering structures of different purpose.

Geomats are used as reinforcing components at railroad construction for the creation of stable vegetation cover to prevent erosion processes of earthwork structures:

  • backslopes, fillings, excavations, ditches;
  • bridge cone fillings;
  • reinforcement of roll over the pipeline at cladding works;
  • backslopes of reinforced ground walls and sound barriers;
  • landsliding slopes of ravines and structures on landsliding areas;
  • coast lines and water edges;
  • water courses;
  • vegetation layer on rocky slopes and smooth surfaces;
  • functions of filtering and drainage in structures.

Conventional symbol structure:

MTS 15-550 (300) EXTRAMAT – three-dimensional mat for structures, mat thickness – 15 mm, surface density of the material – 550 g/m2, sheet width 300 cm, registered trade mark.

Regulatory and technical documents:

  • TU 2291-021-00205009-2011 "Three-dimensional mats (Geomats) of MTS, MTSK, MTSD – EXTRAMAT marks"


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