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SSNP "HIGHWAY" - geogrids consisting of two systems of roving or complex threads, sewn between themselves with the third (sewing) thread. The material used for the production of geogrids SSNP "HIGHWAY" is stabilized glass-fibre raw material. Geogrids are soaked with complex compounds based on bitumen bonding agents for the improvement of adhesive properties.

Scope of application

Geogrids HIGHWAY are used for reinforcing asphalt concrete layers, what allows extending the service life, increasing operating reliability and transport-operation indices of the roads.

Geogrids shall be used according to the design solutions at construction, reconstruction and repair: 

  • highways and structures on them;
  • areas for different designation;
  • buildings, utilities, facilities;
  • temporary roads and areas. 

Geogrids are recommended for use as reinforcing elements to provide steadiness and stability of road structures: 

  • at construction of temporary roads, approach roads and other utilities of temporary character;
  • for reinforcing asphalt-concrete coatings of motor ways to deal with reflected cracks, reinforcement of additional layers of road dressing foundation, dealing with wheel tracking;
  • for reinforcing roadsides in combination with other geosynthetic materials. 

Conventional symbol structure: 

Geogrids PSK – geogrid PS, connected to one sheet of non-woven geotextile. PS 50/50-40(400) HIGHWAY – geogrid with breaking load upon the base 50 kN/m, upon the weft – 50 kN/m, with cell square dimension, square side is equal to 40 mm, sheet width is 400 cm, registered trade mark. 

Regulatory and technical documents:

  • STO 00205009-012-2013 "Geomeshes and geocomposites from glass-fibre"


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