Polymer Modified Bitumen 45/80-65 (PG 76-28)

Modified Bitumen 60

Modified Bitumen 60

Modified Bitumen 60


Polymer-bitumen binder (PBW) is a homogeneous mass of black color, consisting of petroleum road bitumen, polymers, plasticizer and adhesion additive.

Scope of application

PMB is a polymer-modified bitumen used for road construction, civil and
commercial construction as well as production of roofing materials. Mainly it
is used in road construction as the use of this substance gives the road
surface strength and durability.

Advantages - Improvement of road performance indicators:

  • There are almost no ruts and cracks on the roads
  • Roads become resistant to rain and severe frost and other adverse
    weather conditions
  • As result the lifetime of the roadway is substantially increased, operating
    and repair costs are also reduced.
  • Increases the safety and comfort of traffic on the roads.

The use of this binder significantly improves the grip of the vehicle wheels
with the road surface, resulting in a shorter braking distance, as well as
reducing the noise level created by the tire.


Packaging Description

Polymer modified bitumen PMB 60 (PG 76-28, PG 70-28) is supplied in Clovertainers. This is a modern packaging with a number of advantages compared to it’s alternatives:

  • Capacity- 1000 litres.
  • This is a single-use packaging that is more effective than traditional types of containers such as IBC containers, plastic and metal
  • The container has a specially designed rigid frame that ensures the safety of the cargo during transportation and storage, and after unloading the product it allows the container construction to
  • The waterproof, weatherproof polypropylene laminated cover allows you to store the container outdoors without any
  • A filled container takes 20% less storage space than round
  • One of the main and most important advantages of this type of packaging is that when unpacking you get 100% of the product that is filled into there. Unlike steel barrels- when the bitumen inside it is heated and forced out, usually there is left from 3% to 10% of the product. This point gets especially important when it comes to supplying big lots of the product- the % of the waste is too big and affects the total price of the
  • Unlike the steel barrels, the type of packaging that we offer does not require any special utilization which is important in reducing costs- you will not need to transport it to the utilization place after unpacking the product and pay any other additional costs concerning this matter. This is another great point that affects the total price of the product

Overall dimensions when assembled (with a wooden pallet)

(W) 1140mm x (D) 1140mm x (H) 1090

Overall dimensions when folded:

2000mm x 1000mm x 22mm
Weight: 31 kg. (without wooden pallet)



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